Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quietly freaking out

Two nights ago when I was putting in my progesterone, I hit my cervix. So being the curious girl I am, I felt around a bit...

it felt OPEN.

So I need to know, is my cervix supposed to be soft and puffy with a finger-sized dimple in the middle? It's freaking me out.

Times like this I wish I was married to a gynecologist.

Anyhow, any words of advice would be much appreciated. I'm slowly going crazy over here.


Aurelia said...

No, it is definitely NOT supposed to be open, no finger size dimple, not soft. etc. It should be long, firm, closed, and high.

Get to a Doctor ASAP, I'm not sure if your family doc is the right person or if you ever found a specialist after the midwives turned you down, but you need an ultrasound to check everything out. Your clinic if you have to, but I'm not sure how helpful they'll be if they've already discharged you.

Call me if you need someone to talk to, okay?

Ariah said...

I hope you went to see a dr. or that it wasn't what you thought. I'll be thinking of you.