Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day Eleven

What a difference less monitoring makes. I've only had three ultrasounds so far this cycle, compared to five or six last cycle. No wonder I'm so chilled out.

Lining: A whopping 8 mm!
Left ovary: one follicle at 1.8, and a bunch of smaller ones
Right ovary: one follicle at 1.8

Does this mean that both ovaries will be releasing eggs this time? Mr. December totally thinks that twins are the way to go. I figure two eggs means double the chances, right?

I have to give myself the trigger shot tonight at 7, and IUI will be on Tuesday. Cross your fingers for me!


Anonymous said...

Things are looking good for this cycle! Hopefully both of those eggs will release and give you more of a chance.

jennifer said...

Fingers are officially crossed for you, and shall remain so for a few weeks.
And I also think twins would def be the way to go!! 2 for 1!!!
Good luck!!!!!

April said...

This is so exciting!

ms. c said...

Yup... more eggs more chances of multiples. I am hoping this is the cycle for you... everything looks good.
And it's great to hear that you are more relaxed.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.