Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Plan

After talking with my shrink today, and hearing her observations of how agitated I am, I realized that the problem isn't necessarily my lack of purposeful activity.

When we were just married, I stayed home for about 6 months. I had a blast, I loved it, and I would reminisce about it months later after I had returned to work. Being at home IS meaningful work to me - or it used to be - because I'm creating an environment for the spiritual and emotional life of my marriage (and hopefully soon, my family).

Today I truly believe that it's my high stress and anxiety level that is making it difficult for me to find meaning in things I usually love. So I need to get rid of the stress.

This week's assignment: exercise 20 minutes a day, outside (or in sunlight). And I think I'll finally use some of the spa gift certificates I got for my birthday.

So yeah, reducing stress is the name of the game. Anybody want to come over and watch funny movies?


Anonymous said...

*I* am always happy to come over and watch funny movies. And I even like the stress reducer idea-we should go together one day to get manicures/pedicures.

I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

i can attest to the fact that hanging out and doing the things you love can greatly reduce your stress! i hope it works for you...wish i could come by for funny movies...i'm knee deep in laundry, organizing and packing for our trips...oh, and printing up blogs i haven't had a chance to read lately...good for the plane! (and the reason I still use 'G-d'...though i appreciated your comments on that the other day!)

oops, sorry...this is YOUR blog!

jennifer said...

If I was closer I'd be right there!!
I feel the same as you. No purpose, the stress of all of this is getting to me as well.
Enjoy the spa!!!!!

My Reality said...

Spa treatments? Sign me up!

I think your new plan sounds great. For what it is worth, Z0loft has helped my mindset tremendously and it is safe to take while TTC.

Hopefully, you won't need anything but your plan. De-stressing is good.

The Town Criers said...

Ooooh, we should all make you a funny movie list.

Anchorman is good. Damn...I am totally blanking on other ones...

The Town Criers said...

Oh--and totally forgot your drink. Hot chocolate with a splash of amaretto coming right up.

For what it's worth, I also liked Ali Domar's relaxation book.

Adrienne said...

Little Miss Sunshine is supposed to be great (nominated for an Oscar and all that). But goofy, funny 80s movies usually do it for me - try Caddyshack or Fletch. (Showing my age, obviously!)