Tuesday, February 20, 2007

IUI, better sperm, and cute doctor

Our IUI was this morning.

The pre-wash sperm count was better than the SA we did last week. I'm pretty sure last week's dismal morphology had a lot to do with the pot Mr. D. smoked. I guess it'll just get better from here on in... The post-wash numbers were something like 80 million, 80% motility and 60% morphology. The doctor seemed pleased.

We had a lot of fun at the clinic this morning. I'm a chatty person, so I tend to get friendly with all the staff. Today Mr D and I were speaking Hebrew with the doctor. Later, when my mom seemed dismayed that we actually had to go with IUI, I was able to say "don't worry Mom... the doctor who insemenated me is a nice Jewish boy." Tee hee!

I went straight to acupuncture after the IUI and lay on my back for an hour with all the needles to keep me company. Now I'm at home on the couch. I'm not getting up until 4:00, when I have to go teach.

Did anyone else feel crampy after IUI? Not ovulation crampy, but uterus crampy?

Keep everything crossed for me. Test date is March 6.


Heather said...

Crossing all that I can!!!!

ms. c said...

Thining all positive thoughts for you! Cute story about the Doc.

Anonymous said...

I have been crampy after IUI's. I was told it is normal.

Wishing you lots of luck!

ariah said...

I'm so glad it went smoothly! I've got everything possible crossed - you're in my prayers.

Aurelia said...

Cute Doctors are NEVER a bad thing.

The cramping will pass. Crossing everything for you.

Shawna Azurelumen said...

I'm crossing everything Sarah! This is how my cousin became pregnant with twins! (and the twins were natural not hormone caused.)

Mini-Sarah's here they come!

Karen said...

cramping after an IUI is normal. Introducing anything into the uterus can cause it to have minor contractions. In fact, this is one of the reasons for doing the sperm wash, rather than just putting plain semen into the uterus... apparently it causes the uterus to contract violently and defeats the purpose. (in the fantasy world where people actually get pregnant via sex... your cervix takes care of this since the cervical mucus traps all the yucky stuff and lets the swimmers through)

I'm pretty sure last week's dismal morphology had a lot to do with the pot Mr. D. smoked

My RE told me last week that there is rarely an immediate connection with environmental factors and SA. It takes 90 days to generate sperm, so in all likely, the pot smoking would affect his count about three months down the line, not immediately.

Karen said...

Gosh, I'm a lousy friend. I meant to also say, "GOOD LUCK!" in my last comment!

Baby Blues said...

I had mild cramps on my first IUI. I was also told it was normal.
Those are good post-wash numbers! I'm hoping this IUI works for you. Good luck!

Zee said...

Good luck with the IUI, Sara! Here's hoping this is the One that gets you over the wall and out of this crappy limbo-land.

And a cute Hebrew-speaking doctor wielding the catheter is a kind of bonus, I guess. It must've made your mom so proud. ;)

Thanks tons for your comment on my blog. You made me laugh--and I sooo needed that today!