Monday, February 26, 2007

Last night I had the strangest dream...

At the end of another failed cycle, the clinic decided that they wouldn't treat me anymore.

"See? You ovulated." They said. "You don't need us anymore."


"Look, you're just not that infertile, ok? We have other people to deal with. We know you'll get pregnant on your own anyhow."

I tried to point out that I don't ovulate without meds, and even with them I never surge on time. But they didn't listen. Only Dr. C. came forward, crying, to hug me. Then she escorted me out of the office.

I can't help but notice that I had a weird dream about the clinic around this time last cycle, too. Anybody else notice strange dreams as part of the progesterone-induced psychosis?


I spent my evening watching Bill & Ted's excellent adventure. For the first time. It was totally excellent.


Tomorrow is 7 dpo. One week down, one week to go. Keep your fingers crossed, please.


Elizabeth said...

Fingers crossed for you!
Thanks for posting on my blog :-)
I often remember my dreams when I wake up - I haven't really tracked them acc. to my cycle, although recently I've had recurring dreams about being really, really angry (different person each time, but same feelings), and last night I dreamed I was holding a baby that wasn't mine but it felt sooooooo good.

Sounds to me like anxiety about not being "infertile enough"? Or not "deserving" the medical attention in some way? Dunno - what do you think?

Baby Blues said...

The anxiety of the 2ww brings with it the wierdest dreams for me.

One strange dream started with me playing with children. Then the mothers of these children came and started taking them away, giving me a look and commenting "she's childless." I woke up feeling bad.

Just think happy thoughts. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you.

Aurelia said...

Fingers crossed for you, and yes progesterone gives me strange dreams too.

ariah said...

finger, toes, arms, legs - all crossed and sending you the best of thoughts :)

Jennifer said...

Finger crossed.

I cant' wait for your beta!!!