Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slap me, please.

I keep taking my pulse. I heard somewhere that your heart rate increases if you're pregnant, so I keep taking my pulse. I figure that's the only change NOT caused by the progesterone. I can't tell you how many minutes I've wasted sitting in front of my computer, timer on, counting the beats. Even I'm rolling my eyes at me.

Somebody stop me!


In other news, purim is this weekend. Last night I made about 80 hamentaschen. Not to worry, I never make prune filled ones (ewww). I made four fillings last night: raspberry, chocolate, caramel apple, and honey almond. I'll be taking them to ceramics and to my class tonight to give my students. More baking coming up on Thursday. Stay tuned, I may post pics!


Anonymous said...

Hello?!?!?!?!? Those sound like the most fabulous flavours of hamentaschen i've ever encountered! as for you offer, sign me up?! but if you read my comment over at stirrup queens you will know that i have been one bad jew (and not in the good sense!)...
you still want to hook up!?

ps....i don't think i could ever bring myself to slap you...i prefer to stand by and applaud your hopefulness!

Anonymous said...

I think hamentaschen might just be in order. All of the fillings sound amazing. I would love to learn how to make them, maybe you can teach me.

What you didn't tell us - is your heart rate up??

decemberbaby said...

Yes, my heart rate is hovering around 80 and it's usually around 70.

ariah said...

I'm glad somebody asked - it was awfully rude of you to leave us hanging :)

I can't slap you either, I'm sending way too many positive vibes your way, and I'm not about to mess those up!

And by the way, can I join your class, I want some hamentaschen!