Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nothing new to report...

Other than the insane weather. At 1:30 p.m. all was fine. By 2:30, the streets were covered in snow and the driving ice pellets were making it hard to walk with your eyes open. (owww, my corneas...)

My pulse was hovering in the low to mid-80's today, but then I went to acupuncture and after my treatment it was 72, which is normal for me. So who knows?

I'm really bad at waiting. Really bad. Have I mentioned lately how impatient I am?

Since it's so gross outside, I'm gonna curl up in sweats with some oven fries and watch Jon Stewart's coverage of the 2004 election. I love Jon Stewart. I want to have his babies. Or anybody's babies. Really, I just want to get pregnant already.

Toronto girls - stay indoors! I can't stress this enough. Only go outside under emergency circumstances, like if you don't have enough chocolate to last you until tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

good advice!!! and that sounds amazing...i've tried curling up in bed but am still freezing from my long trek home....i think you are 9dpo today, right? you're in the home stretch now!!!