Sunday, March 25, 2007

The totally useless EPS report - 6 dpo

I swore I wouldn't do this to myself. But as the symptoms start, I start to think, "if this is it I'll kick myself for not recording the symptoms!" Plus it's probably a good idea to be able to refer back to see if I've had a particular symptom before. So here are the things I noticed today:

- I had a bizarre anger bubble up inside me as my brother went around the house whistling. If I hadn't suddenly realized that it was hormonal and I should just suck it up, I would have yelled "shut the fuck up! you're driving me CRAZY!" I've had progesterone mood swings before, but I don't think I've ever gone from totally happy to complete outburst in any of my previous cycles. Then again, nobody has been whistling Handel's "Water Music" around me in any of my previous cycles.

- My mouth is really watering. A lot. That's not normal for me, not even in any progesterone week as I can remember.

- 20 minutes after I woke up, I had this sudden feeling of "if I don't eat something this instant, I will be sick." I got it again later in the afternoon, and now my stomach is a bit queasy. Odd.

- The store at the gas station stank of stale coffee (just like an airplane), but my mom couldn't smell it.

- I'm really gassy. Really. It's a good thing I was by myself in the elevator on the way up tonight. Also a good thing that there was nobody waiting to get on when I got off. That could have been embarrassing. I also walked around Home Depot looking for unoccupied aisles so that I could, er, vent. (and I don't mean emotionally)

- This morning, my breasts were distinctly hotter than any other part of my body. I've had moments of soreness, but nothing serious.

I think that's it.

And YES, I am aware that at 6 dpo it's unlikely that implantation could have happened yet... and YES, I know that these symptoms are probably progesterone... but for some reason my heart doesn't seem to know it. I'm feeling the fluttering butterfly of real hope. Would somebody please catch that damn butterfly and put it in a jar somewhere until it's wanted?

Repeat after me: "this cycle was a wash..."

If only I could truly believe it.


Barb said...

Ok. First, What is a Blog Roll???
I'm new to the blogging thing:)

Second, I don't care that you are only 6DPO, those symptoms sound promising! The most promising is the "Feeling" your getting. I don't think this cycle was a wash for you, I think it was just a way to help you get a little relaxed after the last cycle. I would LOVE for you to have a December Baby! I just think that would be so amazing! Wishing you lots of Love and LOADS of "Baby Dust"

Hillis said...

I'm not telling you to let the butterfly keep buzzing around your head, but I'm also not going to put it in the jar or anything. The thing is that there are just so many variables, not the least of which is--well--God, by whatever title one chooses to refer to God. I just feel that science may know the physical aspects of the creation of life (or the begetting of life I guess I should say,) but we just can't predict everything. So, who knows?



Aurelia said...

Symptoms are good, but don't read too much into them. You can really make yourself nuts.

Think about kitchens. Nice distracting kitchens...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Kitchens. Like Aurelia said.

I LUST after kitchens. My dream kitchen will have 3 ovens, maybe even 4. And I want at least 6 burners on my gas stove.

If you are really looking for ways to distract yourself and you are wanting to talk kitchens, call me. I will scour magazines, websites and stores for hours.

Kitchens rock.

Enough about my *slight* kitchen obsession!

I hope the symptoms are not just in your head!!

megan said...

hmmm. being that i've practically declared this positive thinking month (albeit somewhat begrudgingly -- hey, it's for a change of pace!), i think you should go with your heart. at least at 6dpo you really can't know either way, so why not put some hope into the mix?

The Town Criers said...

I'm with Megan--go with hope. Listen, it's going to hurt if (and only if--notice it's an "if") the cycle ends. But if the cycle doesn't end and it continues for 9 months? Imagine losing out on several days of happiness. Cycles ending hurt regardless of whether or not you hoped, so not hoping will do very little to protect your heart.

And the dreaming and hoping? That's the only good part about this wait. It would be like saving the wrapper and throwing out the chocolate.

Suzy said...

Home Depot aisle...ha!!

Jennifer said...


I have done that EXACT thing in Home Depot!!!!!!!!!