Saturday, March 24, 2007

To all the gals on bedrest...

If you're on bedrest, I feel for you. I've been on the couch for a measly five hours, and my hips are killing me. Owww! And it's my own fault, too. Yesterday I picked up a whole stack of kitchen renovation books from the library, and tonight I've read them all cover to cover. Well, I flipped through a lot of the technical stuff, but still. That's a lot of sit-on-your-ass-and-read time. I definitely have more sympathy now for women who have to spend days, weeks, or even months on bedrest.

I'm vaguely hopeful today. And my boobs are vaguely sore. But it's still too early for implantation or anything, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm hoping my symptoms (or lack thereof) will tell me today.

I feel like renovating a home is a birthing process of sorts. It's long, uncomfortable, sometimes downright painful, and you can daydream about the end result but it will never be quite what you envisioned. But at the end of the pain, there's your gorgeous baby - er, I mean brand-new kitchen with a farmhouse sink and cobalt blue walls... and it's all worthwhile.

Okay, that was random philosophy. WTF? I've briefly considered deleting it, but nah... this is my thought process, people. Take it or leave it.

IMPORTANT: GTA bloggers, it's time we met! I'm envisioning either a cozy restaurant or a bar (for those of us not in the 2ww) where we can drown our sorrows and take our hugs from virtual to real... or if someone wanted to volunteer their home, that'd be okay too. And there's an offer of chocolate cake... really, we gotta get this going!

I will now return to the couch - reclining, to give my hips a break - and watch a movie with a big bowl of old-school popcorn (I make it on the stove). I love Mr. December, but there's something so delicious about having an evening all to myself.


FosterAbba said...

FosterEema and I would love to have your Shabbat suggestions. You can e-mail us privately using the e-mail link from our profile.

Krista said...

Yummmm... I love popcorn made on the stove. And I hear you about enjoying a night or two to yourself every now and then.

Just started reading but wishing you the best of success!

Southern Comfortable said...

Just found you through Mel. I wanted to tell you that our betas are on the same day-- APril 2! Here's hoping for positive results for both of us. :-)

Baby Blues said...

Came here through Mel. Just wanted to "spread the love" and leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

I would volunteer my house. It is small. And in the 'burbs. But we could meet here.

Maybe we could do a dessert potluck or something where everyone brings something decadent.

No matter where we go, I will still bring chocolate cake!

April said...

The thought of a cobalt kitchen makes me so excited! What a fun project!

Aurelia said...

My house is small, and covered in kid items, which might bother someone depending on their state of IF.

Soo, how about a restaurant? I'll post something on my blog tomorrow, let me know when you are free. Dates, times etc.