Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's a bright, bright sunshiney day.

It always amazes me, how much my moods are affected by the weather.

It's bright and sunny here, and warm. I just finished cleaning my kitchen, my bathroom, and my bedroom. I'm dying to straighten the living room too, but I'm trying to get into the habit of not overdoing it.

I've got plans for a fabulous walk to the library, then acupuncture, then back home to bake some fresh bread (in the bread machine, of course) and then I'm teaching bar mitzvah kids.

And then, dear readers, I'm going to a friend's house to watch "Return of the killer tomatoes". I've never seen it before. Will I even like it? Who cares? I'm doing something social and potentially fun. This is excellent news.

So far it's a good day - despite the fact that I feel exhausted. What possible reason could there be for waking up after 9 hours of sleep with dark circles under my eyes and a dull headache? What's up with that? A free progesterone suppository to whomever figures it out for me. That should get you thinking...

Tired. So tired. Yet the sunshine is calling me.

See you later!


Aurelia said...

Go enjoy that sunshine!! Maybe you are just tired from the shift in DST?


Anonymous said...

Could it be CD1?

I went out at lunch today and wanted to go home because it was so nice. Apparently we are getting snow on Friday. :(

ms. c said...

Sara-I hear you on the sunshine affecting moods! Yay for the sun. Spring is just around the corner.
I also have the same problem of sleeping lots and not feeling rested. Now I would understand this if I were indeed preg, but...