Saturday, March 03, 2007

So in the end...

I did do something about my bad mood. Shlomit came over and we went for lunch. She totally cheered me up. (I think the chocolate sushi helped too...) So by the time we parted ways, after wrecking a display at dollarama trying to get the last 7 pregnancy tests, I was feeling pretty good. Thanks, Shlomit!

Last night we were at my parents' house for Shabbat dinner. They had invited friends of theirs and their children who had just (oh, come on, guess...) had a baby.

I had an awesome time. The parents were happy to let me carry the baby around and sing to her. The baby loved it. I loved it. The mom asked me if I could come over and hang out with them. Everyone told me how good I am with babies. Geez, I'm such a baby whore!

Oh, and I totally looked at least two sizes bigger last night. Why, you ask? Because I was BLOATED. Really bloated. Painfully so. When I drummed on my tummy, instead of hearing the usual dull "slap" sound, it resonated. Like a drum. Thanks, progesterone. It took me three hours of shameless gas venting to fix the problem. Oy.

I've never had major bloating before (except when I was pregnant). Could it be a sign? Or is it just from the progesterone?

Only time will tell. Three more sleeps until we get the news.

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Anonymous said...

Chocolate sushi? You must tell - where did you get it?

I am glad you had a good time at dinner. Progesterone sucks and so does the bloating that goes with it.

Hoping that the next 3 sleeps lead you to your dreams coming true.