Friday, March 30, 2007

For all the renovation addicts... my new bathroom.

Here's a floor plan of the current bathroom. Tiny and cramped are both understatements...

Once we knock out the closets and add new fixtures, the floor plan will look like this:

The vanities, sinks, cabinets, and faucets are from IKEA. We're getting the tub from a home improvement store, and the toilet is an exciting eco-friendly dual flush (little flush for liquids, big flush for solids) - just like the toilets in Israel, except that the flusher handle isn't plastic.

Here's an artist's rendering of the west elevation in the bathroom... the cabinets are white, and the two glass-door cabinets are going to be home-done modifications of the standard IKEA doors:

And an artist's rendering of the east elevation. We're putting in an acrylic corner tub that will also serve as our shower. The tub surround is white subway tile (21 cents per tile - can't go wrong!) with an alcove (for shampoo and stuff) tiled in blue glass mosaic tile. Instead of buying the apron for the tub, we're going to have the contractor build a frame around it, and then we'll finish it with some faux beadboard (textured paintable wallpaper), a few 1x2's, and some paint. The thing above the toilet is a hotel-style rack with a shelf on top and hooks underneath.

How exciting is this?


In other news, I'm taking a couple of minutes out of each hour to freak out about the upcoming beta. My cervix is super high and tightly closed (good), but my pulse is still in my "normal" range (bad). My boobs are sensitive but not so sore. I'm starving in the morning and at night, but in between I'm pretty much okay.

Who knows... it's a big mystery is what it is!

I was very tempted to POAS this morning, but I didn't. Hooray for me. I will, however, POAS on Sunday to prepare myself for Monday's result.

AAARRRGH. I think I just want to know, y'know?


Aurelia said...

Oooo, i like the bathroom design. Having done one myself, can I make one suggestion?

Make sure the plumber gives you a guarantee on the work, (I know a group of contractors who do if you want the name.) Just in case a pipe loosens, etc. With tile, you can't access the plumbing from the front to do repairs and everything has to be ripped up, major pain.

So I'm hoping the wall behind the tub is open so you can build in some sort of access just in case?

We had a pipe burst once after a reno, and it was a disaster. Highly unlikely it would ever happen to you, but I thought I'd mention it before you start ripping stuff up.

decemberbaby said...

ooh, thank you. I wouldn't have thought of that!

The bathroom backs on our bedroom, so I guess we could put in an access panel there...

ms. c said...

Oh, DB, I KNOW!!!!
Best of luck with the beta. Still all crossed for you.
The bathroom looks fab! You're gonna love those subway tiles- totally cool!

Anonymous said...

WOW! it's sooo exciting (the renos AND the beta!) the subway tile idea and the little splash of colour for the shampoo!

and i'm very proud of you holding out with POAS! you go girl! i also totally get wanting to POAS before the beta....

hang in there...i'm thinking only positive thoughts for you and mr. december!

have a warm and wonderful shabbat


Barb said...

Love the Bathroom! The one drawing actually looks like a shoe! Love It!

I've got my fingers crossed for your BFP!!

Love and Baby Dust

Anonymous said...

Love the bathroom.

Sigh. I want to design my stuff the way I want it, too.

Hope you see 2 lines, no matter when you decide to test.