Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, 2007 is out of the question.

Cycle monitoring this morning (day 7):

lining - 5 mm
right ovary - lots of tiny follicles
left ovary - 1.8mm. !!!

Dr. C says that we will probably have to cancel this cycle. The follicle is big enough to be triggered, but my lining is too thin. AND Mr. December just left, not to return until Tuesday. So even if my lining was ok, there'd be no point in continuing since Mr. D wouldn't be back in time... there's no way we can wait until Sunday to trigger.

Looks like Decemberbaby won't be having a december baby after all. There go my hopes of having a baby in 2007.

Fuck it. I'm going back to bed. Maybe I'll emerge before tomorrow's repeat performance with the dildocam.

In case you can't tell, I'm very pissed off and disappointed. And sad.


Anonymous said...

oh sweetie...i know that feeling so really, really good to yourself today...and i'll give you a real hug tonight...
as my RE said when we had to let go of the dream of the december baby, january babies have an easier time of it in school, etc...especially if they're boys...
let's have our jan babies together!

Aurelia said...

Oh Sara,

I'm sorry, but look on the practical side, what about just continuing to monitor because the other ovary has little follicles and they might grow by Tuesday enough to trigger? That's 6 days away, and you're only on Day 7. That's CD13 a perfectly normal time for the Big O?

So it's still possible. Maybe?

If not, can I just say that Shlomit is right about the January baby thing and school. With 2 school aged kids, trust me on this, it can work out just fine.

(And tell Mr.December next time he goes on a trip, to leave a frozen sample behind for just such occasions please!)

Anonymous said...

This just sucks. It is so hard to be cancelled.

Besides, so far 2007 has been way to overrated. That has to mean 2008 is going to be a better year.

Adrienne said...

This shit is all about timing, and that just sucks. I'm so sorry that this month is not your month.