Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Probably not pregnant

Okay, I know it's only 9dpo, but I have the feeling that it's not going to be a BFP this time around, either. Too bad... it would have been nice.

But, since the progesterone is still in full swing, here are my symptoms for today:
- hungry
- dead tired
- sore boobs
- high cervix

for those of you who asked... of course I checked my pulse. 80 bpm. Not spectacular, as last cycle it was around 76-80 and I was definitely not pregnant.

I'm just kind of bummed today. Why couldn't I be one of those women who miscarries but then gets pregnant again soon after? This sucks ass. How much longer is it going to take?


The Town Criers said... you's too early to know. And that's the worst part about this process (okay, so it's one of the worst parts)--the waiting and not knowing. I hope you're wrong. I hope you need to eat pee stick pie in a few days. I'm still holding hope for you.

Aurelia said...

Pee Stick pie?

ROTFL here. Hey lets organize a get together to distract you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are so very wrong.

Barb said...

I say prayers for you EVERY Night! They are going to get answered and I beleive this month just may be it:)

It's Positive until AF shows!

Lot's of LOVE to You!!!

tipsymarie said...

What's worse is the progesterone makes symptoms SEEM real, and even though we know it's "just the progesterone", well, then there's that OTHER voice from the frazzle haired, wild-eyed, infertile one that lives inside us saying "But, maybe . . ." oh, how i hate her.

It is too early to tell, and here's to hoping you are wrong. :)