Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I just called my RE to book a review, since she said that given what happened this cycle we will be changing my protocol for next time.

My beta is on April 2 (we all know what the result will be), and then dear Dr. C. can't see me until April 12. (!!!!!!)

I guess I'm still not used to the whole "you have to skip a cycle because we just don't have time to discuss your treatment plan with you before then" thing.

I haven't had an HSG yet. Assuming she wants one done (and I won't hear that from her until the 12th), May will be shot as well. Half of me wants to beat my head against the wall, and the other half is like, "well, you've waited this long. Another three months won't kill you, I guess." But in reality, and with a best-case scenario, we're looking at me getting pregnant at the exact same time as I did last year. Not that it would cause me any anxiety at all to have two due dates so close together. Nope, no anxiety. No worry of repeating the same experience. None.

I guess I should have booked the review last week. Maybe then they could've fit me in.


Anonymous said...

Could you call the clinic and ask if you will need to have an HSG done? That way you could go ahead and schedule it for April.

I will cross my fingers that the sex yesterday was more than just great and you won't need any of this.

Adrienne said...

Ditto what My Reality said. You may not need that HSG after all!

Anonymous said...

yep. here's hoping that monday did it!


ps, if you need somebody to come with you for the hsg, LET ME KNOW!

Aurelia said...

Umm, yes I'm seconding this. Call the clinic and ask if the HSG can be scheduled, and in case of a positive, you can just cancel. That said, you got pregnant before, so your tubes must be slightly open somewhere and your Doc may not be thinking HSG.

She may be thinking about a change in drug protocols?

And why do I think I know who your doc is? Email me if you feel inclined, I'm curious.

megan said...

I too would definitely call the clinic. They can at least give you a requisition for one so you can schedule it. They're such a pain to book, you might as well get the process going, even if you end up not needing it (here's hoping!)