Sunday, March 04, 2007


Not even a hint of a second line. Just a negative.


It's March. The month in which I was supposed to give birth to our baby. When I miscarried, I took some comfort in thinking that I'd probably at least be pregnant again by the time my due date rolled around. Now I know I won't.

How much longer is this going to take? Why can't I be one of those women who conceives quickly after her first miscarriage? Am I going to end up with another March due date because it will take until July to get pregnant again?

Ugh. Maybe some leftover pizza will make me feel better.


LorMar said...

Very sorry about your BFN. I can't stand them myself. But each day means one day closer to the BFP.

Aurelia said...

Oh crap, I'm so sorry...BFNs are just the worst.

Plan something distracting but comforting for your due date day...makes it easier, I think.

Jennifer said...

Love you.

And I am so sorry about everything.

I so hope you get your bfp sure deserve it!!!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry Sweetheart.

This just sucks. I'm sorry.

Zee said...

Gosh, Sara. I'm so, so sorry.

That's a double whammy: a BFN in the month of your due date. The end of this month will be the 2nd anniversary of mine, so I can relate.

My advice: do something to memorialize and then something pleasant on the day itself. (I'm Catholic, so we lit a candle at a church near VB's apartment, then we went to this lovely outdoor museum.) It doesn't make the pain less, but it lets you acknowledge the loss as a couple and then gives you something enjoyable to occupy your mind.

ariah said...

oh sweetie, I tried to post this, and apparently lost my battle with the computer, so here goes again...

I am so sorry about your BFN...I've been there, getting the heartbreaking news during the month where your heart won't stop breaking.

I know there's nothing that will take away your pain, just don't let it consume you - you've come so far, you will be a mom - and a wonderful one at that.