Monday, March 26, 2007

Please, don't ttc and drive.

I almost got in a car accident today.

It was 4 p.m., I was totally exhausted (thanks, progesterone!) and was driving home to take a nap. I needed to change lanes. The car in the next lane over was SO far back, of course I had time. Except that I didn't... a few seconds later there was a horn blaring at me and I swerved back into my own lane. I completely misjudged the distance and speed of the other car. Crap.

So if utter exhaustion to the point of impaired judgment is an EPS, it's looking good.

Otherwise I haven't had any symptoms today. Except for the remarkable hunger. But aside from that, and the need to nap for three hours this afternoon, I've had no symptoms whatsoever.

I'm inclined to agree with those of my readers who suggested just enjoying the hope. That's the plan. The big question is, should I ruin it by starting to POAS at 9 dpo? Discuss!

And to those of you who suggested I focus on kitchens, I'm already there. I spent today choosing my appliances and my faucet. Yesterday I found my backsplash tiles. Of course, I still need a contractor to put this stuff in... but at least I know what I want.

So... discuss the POAS question amongst yourselves. And if you've had any experience with a Jen.n air electric downdraft range, jenn.air dishwasher, or fisher paykel fridge, please let me know... otherwise I'll most likely buy them in the morning.


Aurelia said...

I'm assuming you are doing suppositories or shots? So it will bet better soon, you'll adjust.

As for the appliances...consumer reports all the way, IMHO. I bow to them. They have an online printable function for each appliance.

Barb said...

I know NOTHING about the appliance questions. Sorry.

As far as POAS I'd wait until day 12. When do you go for your beta?
Well, actually maybe day 10. But Definately NOT day 9!
Love Ya!

Gil said...

As per Mel's comment week:
POAS? No no no... don't rush it hon. It will happen in due course. If you are scheduled for a beta, I would POAS that morning. If not, wait til at least 12 or 13 dpo.
Appliances? I agree with Aurelia. Check Consumer Reports. They know their stuff! *nod nod* Wishing you lots of luck! Keep us posted. *hugs*

Barb said...

I forgot to mention what was going through my head when I read the title of your blog.

Don't TTC and Drive

I was thinking you and Mr. December were finding new "Ways & Places" to try and get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

is it okay to ride on the ttc while ttc?!
i'm with gil on this one...try holding off and just enjoying the hope til beta day! (although, as usual, i've got your back no matter what you decide!)...glad you made it home safe and sound!!

as for appliances, no clue. i should be so lucky!
consumer reports works for me too!

Ms. C said...

I would love to hear more about your kitchen... I don't have any advice on the appliances- we spent so much on the tiles and cabinets, etc.. that we went with Kenmore for the appliances.
As for the POAS question. I am of the belief that though it is so so tempting, POAS early won't change the final outcome. I usually wait til 13dpo for that reason, but so that I'm not "surprised" with a negative at beta time.
Keeping everything crossed and hoping times a million for you!

Meg said...

I would wait to POAS until day 12 or even later. If you don't get the result you want you'll either make excuses or be depressed when who knows there might be no need.

Sorry I don't know about those appliances, I still have good old fridgidaire! you'll have to take photos of this soon to be kitchen!

ariah said...

I'm sorry about your scary morning - it must of been one of those days - my DH got in an accident (that driver however wasn't as nice as you, and smacked his car)!

I've been out for a bit, but wanted to chime in my agreement to stay on the side of hope - it's the best place to be!

I'm also in agreement (gosh, look how amicable I am today) that you shouldn't test yet - wait those few more days until 12dpo - and then enjoy your results:)

I can't help with those particular appliances, but we've completely remodeled a house, and I love it - so I'm excited to see what you've got going (and chime in where I can, as usual). Redecoratoring can be such fun - enjoy it!