Sunday, February 11, 2007

He's on the shit list.

Mr. D is now on my shit list. The boy went out and smoked up tonight. WTF? I specifically said NO pot until AFTER we're done ttc this time.


At least he's doing his semen analysis on Tuesday, which means that if his "guys" aren't up to the job, we'll know. And then we'll convert this cycle to IUI.

I hope the high was worth it. Cause you know, I'm making a lot of sacrifices here. Wouldn't want him to miss out on a moment of fun.



My Reality said...

Men just don't get it sometimes.

Karen said...

Wow. I'd strangle my husband if he did that.

sariel & shlomit said...

uhhhhh. yah. men are boys. i guess it's so we've got someone to practice on before we have children?good luck with the sa!

Klubby said...

Do you need me to come on over and bitch slap him?

I will.....

Aurelia said...

So, you've begun plucking out his pubic hairs one by one in retribution? Correct?